Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saguaro You Today?

That (the title of this post) is a well-known bumper sticker phrase (here's a story of its creation)... so it fits these four mailboxes with saguaro-shaped posts:

4339 E. Monte Vista
October 11, 2012
2603 E. Drachman
October 16, 2012
2606 E. Drachman
October 16
2601 E. Drachman
October 16

(The last three are next to each other, so there's only one map link. Also... that last mailbox could be a young saguaro, a barrel cactus, or whatever...)

Artistic mailboxes seem to come in groups. On (at least) one street (northeast of Speedway & Craycroft — I'll show it in a future post), the same artisan made a whole series of mailboxes in similar styles. There are lots of saguaro mailboxes around Tucson... I'll try to keep some variety here!

If you don't live in southern Arizona, FYI: We pronounce saguaro as, roughly, "so are oh."


  1. !!!! 'a well known bumper sticker-- I cold have only dreamed such a thing could happen!!! -- I would like to think that coined that phrase back in '86. If this is in reference to the stickers that were sold out of a Mt. Lemmon gift shop sense then, I can give you more of a story.
    My partner and I had a button business known as 'Portable Graffiti' ( she still runs the biz out of Fla.) which did the Pima County Fair that year. While driving to the fair grounds one morning from our camping area, I looked up to the hills and uttered this slogan and thinking it clever enough, drew out and stamped some buttons at the show. They went so well that we took all of our profit and had 1000 bumper stickers made in Tuscan after the show and found a few places around town to carry them. The Mt Lemmon gift shop kept on ordering '50 more, please' every few months. we now have just a few left, but intend to print more and have them available through Portable
    My interpretation of the pronunciation is So, how'r U today.
    thank you for your illuminating story, Jess P. Youngquest- aka, da Prof.
    ( for more info, find my youtube site on the net-- such great tunes as 'Blue Agave' and 'Blame it in El Nino'--- thans, da Prof- ♬♬♬

  2. Thank you for including a link to our bumper stickers.
    Portable Graffiti