Sunday, May 19, 2013

230 South El Volador (and my 5 seconds of fame?)

On April 25, I was sitting by the side of the street, planning my route through this beautiful neighborhood with its winding streets. I'd snapped a photo of this green mailbox with a University of Arizona flag and a chain post (which we usually don't show, but the flag and the mailbox color made the difference here).

I looked up and saw a car with a tower on top. It was a Google Street View car. If you're really bored some day, click over to the Google Map of 230 South El Volador, click on Street View, and pan around to see if I got my five seconds of fame:

Update (December 29, 2014): I just ran across this blog entry and decided to check Google Street View. Sure enough, there I am. :)

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