Sunday, June 2, 2013

516 North Cherokee Avenue

Welcome, all of you... and especially, today, listeners from this morning's Fred and Jeff Show. I'll be a guest on the second half of their show this morning — and (later) in a podcast you can hear online. First, here's a mailbox photo for you. Then, some tips to help you find mailboxes on this blog.

This black mailbox, on a brick post, is covered with multicolored rocks (like its surroundings).

Now, about this blog. If you're wondering why I ever started taking photos of mailboxes, have a look at About Tucson Mailbox Art (or click on its tab at the top of every page). I don't show every unique-looking mailbox I find, though. You can read why — and get a list of these “boring” mailboxes — in Not these mailboxes (or by clicking its tab).

Some tips for finding mailboxes:
  • A ways down the right column is the Blog Archive. There you can find earlier mailboxes — back to the date I started this blog, 12/12/12.
  • Type an address or a street name, a color, or something else about the mailbox in the search box at the right side of any page on this blog.
  • (By the way, the Popular mailboxes list in the right column tends to get out of whack when someone mentions a mailbox on some other blog or website... it may not be the most-viewed by art-lovers who visit this blog regularly.)
  • Use one of the boxes near the the top of the right column to get an email message for each new mailbox or to follow our feed. (Here's a video intro to feeds — ignore the part about Google Reader; it's been shut down. For more useful info that you can read at your own pace, try RSS Feeds by Guide Wendy Boswell.)
Thanks for stopping by! There are almost 170 mailboxes on this blog now, and I try to add a new one every day.

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