Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Santa Fe double-header

I'm on the road for much of June. At one campsite, one of the few radio stations I could get was a sports station with lots of baseball games. When I got to Santa Fe — a city full of art — on Sunday, I started to see lots of artistic mailboxes. The two-headed mailbox below made me think of a two-game series with the same team… a double-header:

OK, that analogy is stretching things. :)

By the way: Last week's entry showed two mailboxes, too.

Next week, we (this blog and I) will be back to Tucson mailboxes.


  1. Those happen to be our mailboxes. We are the true artists here.
    We built the box and hand painted the mailboxes...but thanks for featuring them! Listing our actual address though...not a great idea.

  2. I've thought that, if someone puts an artistic mailbox by the street, they'd be glad for people to stop by and enjoy it. But I'm happy to remove the address if that's what the owners want.