Friday, May 27, 2016

Mailbox(es) #400: Fish(es) out of water

After three and a half years of mailboxes, we're at the four hundredth:

I reeled it in March 12th at 2841 North Tyndall Avenue.

Before I showed you this “box,” I wondered if it was made commercially. First I did a Google image search of that exact image (click there to run it). I found lots of fish, but almost all of them were real. Next I did a Google image search for fish mailbox.

After looking at a few hundred fishboxes, I found a couple of green fish that looked a lot like this one. But they were in locations that seemed a lot closer to abundant fishing spots than Tucson. (Have you heard the saying: “You know you’re from Southern Arizona when… You no longer associate rivers or bridges with water”? :)

The second search above is fun to run: You'll see lots of fishy mailboxes.

With apologies for all of my puns over the years… Please stay tuned for the next 400 boxes.

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