Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4004 North Stone Avenue

For a sewing business named Hem & Her, this plain black mailbox perched on top of a big pair of scissors cuts just right. (Sorry. :)

The business is at tne south end of the fabulous blocks-long Limberlost Neighborhood Mural. Here are photos from the Tucson Murals Project blog: the original 2006 photos in an entry named Looonnnggg on Limberlost and yesterday's 10th-anniversary blog entry. The business has an ample parking… so maybe you can stop by for some alterations, admire the mural, and come back to pick up your clothes when you're done?

(By the way, I've been so busy with the murals blog entry that I'm a day behind on this mailbox blog. I should catch up by Friday.)
Update (September 17, 2019): Now there's a mural by the parking lot.

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