Tuesday, June 18, 2024

(Not) "Air Mail" box in Chattanooga

Have you been around long enough to remember when there were two ways to send a letter: regular first class mail and air mail? (Regular mail went by train or truck. Air mail went by, uh…). On road trips in the countryside, I saw some homes with two mailboxes by the road. One box was the normal kind near the ground. The other was on a tall post — reaching maybe ten or 20 feet into the air — with a sign saying AIR MAIL.😏

On a road trip in October, 2023, I stopped by the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although this sculpture is actually “Captain Merkel’s Ramming Dragon” by Verina Baxter (18'x10'x6'9", made in 2015), it reminded me of the old AIR MAIL boxes.
What do you think?

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