Thursday, March 21, 2013

40 horseshoes for entry #100: 2034 South Olsen Avenue

OK, I have trouble counting all of the horseshoes in the mailbox post. But (after trying a few times), I think there are 40 — or maybe 41. (If you have more patience for that kind of trivial pursuit, please feel free to correct me! :) However many horseshoes make up this mailbox post, I think it's probably the most amazing mailbox I'd found to this point (I was roped in by it on January 21st):

The "post" is a cowboy (made from horseshoes!) twirling a lasso. Here are two closer views:

The mailbox (and home) owner used to work for the local guy who made the mailbox. (I didn't get either person's name.) Maybe that explains why this is such a fabulous piece of work?

Happy 100th to us!

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