Monday, March 18, 2013

Desert “air mail” along CA highway 62

This blog is about Tucson mailboxes. But I travel a fair amount, so from time to time I'll post a mailbox that's out of town. When I saw this one yesterday, in the eastern California desert, I knew right away what I'd be “posting” here this morning:

As I drove along California 62, not far from the Arizona border (at Parker), I spotted that tall sign post at the corner of Iron Mountain Pump Plant Road. (You can click there for a satellite view.) Near the top of the post was a mailbox. But what was the address on the mailbox? I zoomed in and saw “OOP.” OOP?? There was a another post to the right of the box, covering what might be another letter on the back. I stood behind the box and zoomed in even more:

If you know the story of this box — or you'd just like to guess the missing letter that used to be before “OOPS” — please leave a comment below.

(PS: This is a small example of a much bigger sign forest in Arctic Canada. There are shots of it in the middle of my drive to Inuvik photo series.)

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