Thursday, June 8, 2017

5212 East 2nd Street

David Aber took these two views of a beautiful mailbox he spotted. Even better, he made the montage above. (Thank you!)

Normally, Google only allows us to show fairly small photos (800 pixels on either side). As an experiment, I've tried putting David's original-sized photo (3853x2806 pixels) online at It's just the raw photo file, nothing fancy. When you click below, the photo should open in a new tab or window. Depending on your web browser, you may see the whole photo squeezed to fit your screen, or just some of the photo. (If you see just some, look for a "zoom" setting.) When you're done viewing, just close that window or tab. Here it is:

Very large version of the photo above

If you have any problems with this large image, please let me know. (You can use the comment form on If I don't hear of any problems, I may try this with future mailboxes. Thanks.

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