Monday, March 1, 2021

Metal flowers and leaves: 3372 East 26th Street

This rusty-metal mailbox has flowers. Behind it is a matching fence of plants and leaves:
Here's the other side. Underneath the box is a flower with a butterfly:
Update (April 2, 2021): The homeowner sent a comment with details about the box; see below. I cropped the photo of the west side (the second photo above) to show the turtle flag:

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  1. Wow! I found your post by accident. Our mailbox was handmade in 2009 with plumbing pipes and scrap metal by a friend’s husband who was a welder. The flower was her gift to me to remember her by before she passed away in 2010. We had the mailbox painted to match the ornamental iron work done around the same time. Gotta love the little turtle that flags mail pick up. Don’t think it shows in the pictures. Thanks for the pleasant surprise to be picked for your blog!