Monday, March 15, 2021

What's behind 2005 and 2007 North Swan

When blog reader Annette recently saw the mailboxes at 2005 and 2007 North Swan in our November 24, 2015 entry, she emailed much more info:
I used to live here for 10 years. Moved out on November 12-2019. This property used to belong to a local pottery artist.

I would also like to add whom the artist was. Her name was Kay Mallik. She was known for her western style pottery. I am not sure when she arrived to Arizona but she had attended the university. I know Kay was producing pottery in the 50's. Location of the mailbox had been her property at one time. The brown brick building south of the mail boxes was her place, and a place for her parents to stay when they visited. The very front of that building was her studio. The little house north of the mail boxes behind the house was her studio.

When Kay passed away in 2001 she was servived by her husband Ruiss Ruiz. Naturally the property went to him. He later remarried to a Hermania Ruiz. The property went to Hermania when he passed.

Truthfully those famous mailboxes are in jeopardy of being removed. Mrs Ruiz's daughter has custody of the property in a quick deed trust and will be eventually be trying to sell both lots of land. To a developer who will have no mercy on those famous landmark mail boxes. Honestly that is a tragedy because it's something that was part of Tucson for so many years. Kay did give a lot of time to this city in some way. Her pottery can be found as vintage pieces. I have a piece of her pottery myself.

I hope this helps with some information about those mailboxes. They are a eye catcher when you are driving on swan or even stuck in traffic at rush hour.
The photo above shows Kay Mallik's place, and the two mailboxes in front, on February 9th. Below is the number plate on the fence next to the entrance:
I took the photos on February 25th.

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